St. Paul
Missionary Baptist Church

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Ministerial Brothers

Rev. Christopher Bentley, President

Deacon Board

Dea. Floyd Masor, Sr. Chairman Emeritus
Dea. Albert Thomas, Chairman

Trustee Board

Brother Tommy Taylor, Chairman

Deacon Wives

Sis. Martha Wallace, President


Brother Billy Williams, President

Senior Women Mission

Sis DeLois Lacey, President

Women Intermediate Auxiliary (WIA)

Sis. Deresa Weatherspoon, President

Junior Women

Sis. LaShaun Rucker, President

Pastor’s Support Team

Sis. Vickie Edwards, President

Senior Ushers

Sis. Leatrice Harmon, President

Adult Ushers

Brother Ronald Bailey, President

Young Adult Ushers

Sis. Felencia Terrell, President

Junior Ushers

Bro. Jamarion Nunn, President
Sis. Bettie A. Lockett, Supervisor

Senior Adult Nurses

Sis. Patricia Terrell, President

Adult Nurses

Sis. Erica Bell, President

Young Adult Nurses

Sis. Lena Miller, President


Sis. Deja Johnson, President
Sis. Ruby Rucker, Advisor

Inspirational Choir

Bro. Jacob Vance, President

Young Adult Choir

Bro. Neville Green, President

Bud of Youth Choir

Sis. Kiara Moore, President
Sis. Minnie Nunn, Supervisor

Soul Winning Action Team (SWAT)

Bro. James Washington, President

J.J. Taylor Memorial Club

Sis. Patricia Conley, President

Helping Hand Club

Sis. Minnie Williams, President


Sis. Sharon Langston, President

Drama Ministry

Sis. Felencia Terrell

Miriam Liturgical Dancers

Sis. Shacora Mohead, Choreographer
Sis. Shirley Gideon, Coordinator

To find out more information about a ministry or how to get involved please
contact the church office at 773.846.3446 or email us at