St. Paul
Missionary Baptist Church

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The journey of any faith story is one of unexpected twists and turns but, as this Church History will prove, the Lord is faithful and his hand of provision and protection are consistent.

The faith legacy of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church began on the third Sunday of March 1919 at 45th Street and St. Lawrence Avenue, where the Late Reverend Dukes was Pastor and Organizer. Although the Church was dissolved in 1922 and was reorganized in 1923 under the leadership of Reverend Thomas, the church continued on under the leadership of Reverends Walton, Kilgore and Web.

It was apparent in 1937 that the church should move to 4418 – 4420 South State Street. While there, Reverend J.H. Irwin was elected as Pastor. It was during his leadership that the church was paid for. Rev. Irwin resigned as Pastor in 1956 and Reverend B.T. Flowers, who was Assistant Pastor at that time served for two years. On May 3rd 1959, Rev. Irwin was called back as Pastor and during that same year St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church moved into her present location 6954 South Union Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Rev. Irwin resigned again in September of 1961.

For seven months, the Deacons and Trustees looked after the welfare of the church. On April 22, 1962, our beloved Pastor, Reverend Jasper Joseph Taylor, Sr., was elected by a majority vote and served faithfully until his tragic demise on October 29, 1982. Under the leadership of the late Rev. J.J. Taylor, the mortgage was liquidated (1963) and the church was extended and remodeled (1966). St. Paul, under his visionary leadership, began to acquire property north of the church for the purpose of building a Community Service Building adjacent to the church (1971). This building was purposed to house a day care facility and gymnasium.

The vision was completed in 1973 and as a faith community the church began to set its sight on improving housing conditions in the community for the elderly and moderate-income families. As a result, the late Rev. J.J. Taylor and St. Paul family of faith built a sixty unit building at 70th Street and Parnell Avenue. The St. Paul Day Care Facility and Housing Unit was in operation for several years.

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church will forever be grateful for the visionary leadership of the late Rev. J.J. Taylor. It was under his leadership that St. Paul improved numerically, spiritually and financially.

After the demise of our beloved Pastor, Rev. J.J. Taylor, Sr., on October 2, 1983, Reverend Willie Jackson was elected Pastor and served until August 5, 1984, at which time he resigned.

Our current pastor, Reverend Dr. Joel Damon Taylor was elected Pastor in April 1985. During his tenure Dr. Taylor has built on the legacy of his late father and has continued to minister to meet the needs of St. Paul as well as the surrounding communities. Dr. Taylor has led our church to move toward the biblical principle of giving through tithes, offerings, and sacrificial giving. In 1997, Dr. Taylor unveiled much-needed socially active ministries for jobs, housing, athletics, tutoring, food, clothing, and mentoring. This effort was called Operation Restoration as we sought to restore and rebuild the people of our church and the surrounding Englewood Community. The vision continues to unfold as we are committed to “Raising the Standard”. We are also strengthening our core values by Evangelize the Sinner, Equipping the Saint, Edifying the body of Christ, Encouraging one another and Exalting the Savior.

We are grateful because the Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad! We are confident that the best is yet to come!